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my story


 I am so happy your here!

 I’m Courtney, mama of three + a lineman wife + realtor +living more intentionally + filling our home with lots of joy, love & wellness

I've been what you call a casual user of Young Living oils for the past 7 years, using Thieves essential oil, Thieves household cleaner and diffusing on occasion but not truly understanding the importance of using them and how they can support you in all aspects of your life. Four years ago my world completely changed when we found out our daughter was facing several learning disabilities, some that could possibly impact her for the rest of her life. If you're a mom like myself,  then you understand I was going to do anything to provide all the support I possibly could.  I knew if anything was going to help with emotions it was going to be oils. My husband and I read everything and anything we could possibly get our hands on and decided we needed to make a life change.

We started with our diet, growing a garden gave me so much insight on the foods we were eating and it literally snow balled from there. Switching our diet, ditching the chemicals and using oils on a daily bases has completely changed our lives. Fast forward 3 years later Adilynn is thriving in school, completely her IEP goals one after another to the point where she won't need special education next year. To go from thinking your child wasn't going to be able to live a normal academic life to she won't need assistance all in 3 years is crazy to me. I feel so blessed and thankful. Our efforts paid off in the best way!

Someone once told me "Gods plan for your life always begins with a super natural intervention". That was my intervention, to start a healthier lifestyle and in doing so getting the opportunity to help others do the same. I am so excited your here reading this and I hope I can added something to your life.

We were never meant to do this life alone and I'd love to be a friend!

- C

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