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DIY Glow Serum

The year of 2020 has had many life changes and challenges. One challenge that I wasn't expecting was my teenage acne returning in my late 20's. I'm almost 30 I should not be having acne the way I do! I have tried it all, spending an embarrassing amount of money on products to try and get my skin back to its normal self. Leave it to Liz Joy (my young living Upline) to post a simply recipe that would change my skin game forever. The Glow Serum. To say its amazing is an understatement and so much so I have made several bottles for my friends who I knew would appreciate it.

All you need is a couple of oils, all of them come with your starter kit, and jojoba oil. When I broke this down, because I love numbers and seeing where I save $$, it comes to roughly $3 a bottle! Yup all that time I was spending well over $50 on serums every few months when I had all the ingredients in my cabinet to make a serum that was not only natural but that actually helped my skin. I use mine AM and PM daily. Cute bottle is from amazon!

The Recipe:

20-30 drops of Valor

20-30 drops of lemon

20-30 drops of lavender

20-30 drops of Frankincense

- Top of your bottle with Jojoba Oil


If your interested in Young Living Oils check out my blog post Essential Oil Starter Kit or to get started and join our amazing community click ORDER HERE!


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