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Hey friends,

This morning I diffused Geneyus from the Young Living KidScents line since its a homeschool day for our house. This mama needs all the support she can get since I for one am no teacher! God bless you teachers!!! I will start the morning by diffusing Geneyus which is an aroma that promotes feelings of grounding and eases stress and distraction. I will also leave an open bottle of Kids Power on the table while Adilynn is doing her school work. KidsPower is an aroma that inspires feelings of confidence and courage, also supports feeling of emotional balance and positivity. I will also put a roller top on KidsPower and roll on Adilynn's neck and spine every morning whether she's going to school or doing school at home. I can definitely say it makes a difference in Adilynn's mood and confidence, and supports that transition from play to work. If you know, you know what a struggle it is to stop a child from playing, I mean honestly who wants to do school work when you can play.

The KidScents line also has:

- Sleepylze, I diffusing in the kiddos rooms every night.

- Owie, for when the fun goes wrong.

- Sniffleease, great for diffusing when the kiddos are feeling stuffy.

- Tummygize, for when the kiddos have a belly ache.

If your interested in Young Living check out my blog post Essential Oil Starter Kit or to get started and join our amazing community click ORDER HERE!


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