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5 Fall Cleaning Tips with Thieves

It's that time a year when sickness is lingering and ready to strike. It's also that time when family gatherings and social events are happening in your home. For me, keeping my house clean is an ongoing daily task however there is nothing better than doing a seasonal deep clean. Here are my tips on tackling that fall season deep cleaning.

Tip #1 - Get your Carpets Cleaned

Dirty water into the sink

Whether you have your own carpet cleaner or hire, you will not regret getting your carpets cleaned. Because I have my own, I clean our carpets bimonthly however before splurging on a carpet cleaner I hired a professional in the spring and fall season. Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference. With 3 kids under 9 and a dog in the house my carpet gets really dirty.

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the color of the water from just one room. I have been really impressed with the carpet cleaner I purchased, it's super easy to use and clean. My favorite feature is the screen that tells me how dirty a particular area is so I know which areas to pay more attention too. You can find the carpet cleaner I have HERE.

The water tank holds 2 litters of water, I add about a tbsp of Thieves household cleaner and two drops lemon essential oils.

Tip #2 - Good Old Fashion Bucket of Hot Water

Simple and of course effective. A bucket of hot water and wash rag can go a long way. I add 2 tbsp of Thieves Household cleaner and 4 drops lemon essential oils to my water and touch every surface. I focus on high traffic areas: door knobs, kitchen cabinets/knobs, couches, chairs, bed frames, railings etc.

Tip #3 - Scrub Those Floors

Having 3 kids and a dog in the house I could spent majority of my day scrubbing the floors and I don't know about you but I don't have time for that. But I do love clean floors so I splurged and purchase probably my favorite cleaning tool - multi surface wet dry cleaner. I will never not have this cleaner. It is such a life/time savor. I love that I don't have to sweep or vacuum before I want to mop my floors. It will do both at the same time and if you have a toddler than you understand how much of a time savor that truly is! I will add 1 tbsp of Thieves household cleaner to the water tank and clean away.

Tip #4 - Another Life Changing Cleaning Tool

I have spent a good portion of my year trying to simplify my life and add beneficial tools that will not only make my life easier but also saves me time. Cleaning is one of those things that I feel takes up so much of my time but the urge to clean constantly is there. So here is another tool I purchased this year that has been a game changer: Electric scrubber. It comes with a bunch of different heads so I can think of a plethora of things I can clean with this baby. Cleaning the bathroom shower was so satisfying and scrubbing grout has never been easier. I like to use my homemade cleaner - spray bottle | 2 tbsp of household cleaner | 8 drops lemon or your favorite smelling oil | fill remaining with warm water. If you want to read more about why I make my own cleaner you can check out my blog post "Why I Make My Own Cleaner".

Tip #5 - Run Clean Cycle

Don't forget about cleaning all your machines that make your life easier. I'm talking about your washing machine, dishwasher, and air filters. I like to do this task monthly but it's especially important going into a new season. I will add 1 tbsp of Thieves Household cleaner to my washing machine and dishwasher, set it on a clean cycle. I have several air purifiers in my home, cleaning or replacing filters is a seasonal task for me, I also like to put several drops of Thieves essential oil on my furnace filters. I use Levoit, Levoit Pet and Levoit Large Room and they have held up great.

Of course after a good clean session setting the diffusers to go with a fall diffuser blend is a must. I hope this is helpful and the products I linked will help your cleaning tasks as they have mine. As always please reach out with any questions.


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