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DIY All Purpose Cleaner - So Easy!

This was my first DIY with my Young Living essential oils and I quickly realized how easy it was to start making my own products. You can make 16 of this 16 oz amber glass spray bottles with 1 bottle of Thieves household cleaner (my member number is 24355928) Thats $24 for 16 all purpose cleaners! We use this one bottle for all of our cleaning on the main floor, on average I will refill twice a month.

Thieves Household Cleaner:

- $1.13/bottle (this is a concentrate, you use 1 capful to make 16 oz)

- Plant based

- 0 chemicals

- Boosts the immune system

- Made with essential oils

- Safe around pets/children

- No warning label on the bottle


If you're interested in purchasing the Thieves Household Cleaner I have it linked HERE, my member number is 24355928. If you have questions or want to know more on how Young Living works check out my blog post Essential Oil Starter Kit or to get a membership and start purchasing with 24% off click ORDER HERE!


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