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5 Cleaning Tips That Will Leave Your Home Smelling Fresh & Clean Naturally

I don't know about you but there is nothing better then the smell of a clean home. A couple of fresh smelling oils that will leave your house smelling clean is lemon, citrus fresh, orange, lemongrass, and rosemary.

A few of my favorite ways to use essential oils while cleaning is to:

Tip #1 - Vacuum Filters

When I add essential oils to both my Dyson and my Eufy vacuum filters my whole house smells so fresh after. I have recently been adding 4 drops of lemongrass.

Tip #2 - Wet/Dry Mop

I also like to add essential oils to my wet dry vacuum filter. Once again my favorite has been lemongrass. This wet/dry mop has been a game changer, it's so easy to use and eliminates having to sweep or vacuum the floor first before I mop. I add a splash of thieves household cleaner and a few drops of lemon essential oil to the water for extra cleaning power.

Tip #3 - Carpet Deodorizer

For a carpet deodorizer, I add 10-15 drops of citrus fresh to baking soda and sprinkler all of the carpet. Let it sit for 20-30 mins and then vacuum.

Tip #4 - Room Spray

Making a room spray is another great way to add a natural clean smell to your home. Grab a spray bottle and add your favorite oil combinations. I love lemongrass and orange together. Add 10 drops of each oil, a pinch of salt and fill remaining with water. Spray pillows, bedding, curtains you name it.

Tip #5 - Air Filters

Every month when I change out our air filter I add 5-10 drops of thieves essential oils. Thieves is a great oil to boost your immune system and it has a spicy clean smell to it.

Don’t Forget to Diffuse!

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