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The Best Sourdough Sandwich Bread

I purchased my sourdough starter from Ballerina Farms last year and let me tell you, I give her step by step video full credit for being successful at making sourdough bread. Like I said before, zero talent in the baking world but watching her make bread for her family kept me up at night. I so desperately wanted to be able to make bread, I was able to put my fear aside and purchased her sourdough starter and it snowballed from there. I would highly recommend purchasing from her website at ballerina

This sandwich loaf has been by far my favorite, and personally the easiest. My family of 5 will go through two loafs in a week. I start the dough in the evening, let it rinse all night (8 hours or until it doubles in size) and bake in the morning. Video HERE!

The receipt for one loaf:

- 65 grams active starter
(it should look like the picture to the right)
- 300 grams warm water
- 12 grams organic sugar
- 9 grams himalayan salt
- 15 grams olive oil
- 400 grams organic bread flour


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