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Why Young Living

There are so many things that come about in the course of the day that you can feel so helpless as a mom. Watching your babies struggle and not being able to help them is so hard and if you're not familiar with my story go check out My Story page because it's the exactly reason we got into oils in the first place. I have learned so much and now I know there's oils that I can use when those moments come up that before I had no control over. These tools have forever changed our lives.

I have used oils for roughly 7 years but never really committed to understanding why people around me were so focused on getting rid of everyday products. My mom used Young Living for so long, even making her own laundry detergent, and I can honestly say we all thought she was crazy. If everyday household products were that harmful how could companies be allowed to put them on the shelf? I was so unaware of how toxic the products in our home were until Adilynn was showing signs of what they call trauma blocking (caused by my separation with her dad which is another story for another time). I leaned on my young living oils like her life depended on it. It wasn't the first time I grabbed those oils when I didn't know what else to do. I always knew she was behind on her speech and how she acted but I was blind to it or maybe I just didn't want to admit that she wasn't like a typical 5 year old. My husband and I dove head first in all the research we could get our hands on, we were amazed to find how much of an impact chemicals used in everyday products play such a huge role in our development. Of course I was aware of the more obvious ones like bleach but finding out what was in our laundry detergent and hand soap, I was amazed and disgusted! What struck me and still don't understand how, is that companies that are branded specifically for babies are rated F's on the toxic level. WHAT? How is that allowed? If you don't already, I highly encourage you to download the app Think Dirty and it will open your eyes.

Its been a year and a half now I can honestly say that since switching and replacing almost all of our household products to Young Living, Adilynn has been making amazing improvements. She is flying through her IEP goals at school, two months in and three out of five goals down! Making major progress compared to last year where we were making tiny improvements if any. These oils have helped her and our whole family in so many ways from our emotional health to our immune system, I am so grateful to have these products in our home and I will never not have them. Knowing that the products in my house are safe is an incredible feeling, I can't control the world around me but I can control what is in my four walls.

If your interested in Young Living check out my blog post Essential Oil Starter Kit or to get started and join our amazing community click ORDER HERE!


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