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Operation Get the Kids Better

Last week both my kiddos were sick, and if your anything like me you don't have time for sick kiddos! We are rarely sick and I truly believe a combination of ditching toxic everyday products and eating clean as often as possible is to thank. Operation get the kids better looks like this for me:

Wash bedding + blankets

- I will wash all bedding everyother day and everything else, pillowcases and blankets daily. Yes its timeconsuming but trust me when I say this step will make a huge difference. Dont forget your bedding as well!

- I use Thieves Laundry Detergent and will add couple drops of lavender essential oils right in the wash. To add a fresh happy scent, lemongrass essential oil on dryer balls. There is nothing better then getting into a fresh smelling clean bed especially when your sick.

Diffuse + Humidifier

- I will have both a diffuser and humidifier running full time day and night. In the kiddos room I love diffusing Sniffleease from Young Livings Kidscents line, it really helps with stuffy noses. I will also roll snifflease on my kiddos chest and bottom of their feet throughout the day.

- Diffusing throughout the house is a daily routine of mine and dealing with sickness is no different. I will diffuse a combination of Thieves, Raven, and Lemon.

Vitamins Are a Must

- We take vitamins daily and when someone is sick we make it a priority to not miss a day. My kids love Mightyvites + Mightypro + Unwind. Mightyvites is a great multivitamin and Mightpro is a pre & probiotic. Gut health is so important to fight off viruses. Unwind is another great vitamin to take at night doing exactly what its called - helps your littles settle down for the night and supports a restful sleep. Sleep is very important to help your body fight off a virus and can be hard when your not feeling the best. Drinking Ninxgia is also a must, more about all the amazing benefits here!

Immune Roller

- In my immune roller I have a combination of Frankincense, Lemon, Thieves and Peppermint. I will roller this on the bottle of my kids feet and spine multiple times a day. This is a great tool even when your not sick. I will use each time we go out and made a special one for my little for school days.

Clean Toys

- Last but certainly not least, cleaning anything they touch including all the toys. If your anything like me you dont have time to wash each toy because they have what feels like a million. Tip: I spray toys down with my homemade Thieves all purpose cleaner. Its toxic free so the I can literally spray the toys down as they are playing, its awesome! How to make my Thieves all purpose cleaner here!

Its hard to watch your babies not feel like themselves so getting them healthy quickly is my goal! Doing all the above + getting fresh air has helped me get my family better faster! If you're interested in purchasing any of the oils listed I have each one linked, my member number is 24355928. If you have questions or want to know more on how Young Living works check out my blog post Essential Oil Starter Kit or to get a membership and start purchasing with 24% off click ORDER HERE!

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